Lung Cancer Payouts


cashLung Cancer Payouts Are Real

We all know that lung cancer can be caused by smoking.  But did you know that for some people, lung cancer can be caused by asbestos?  Asbestos was used in tens of thousands of products on up until the late 1970’s and sometimes beyond.  Unethical companies broke the law by continuing to use asbestos long after they knew it was toxic, dangerous, and could cause cancer in people.  These greedy companies are now liable. Below are some examples of people who were diagnosed with lung cancer who decided to seek justice from the greedy asbestos companies.  These amounts vary and the value of your case may not be this high. But, when you call 1-888-268-0312 you can find out how much your case may be worth.

Carpenter Diagnosed With Lung Cancer Gets Over $6 Million

William Roverano was a carpenter for the Philadelphia Electric Co. (PECO) from 1971 to 1981.  Doctors diagnosed Roverano with lung cancer in both lungs in November 2013. Soon after, he and his wife filed suit in the Philadelphia County Court against numerous companies whose conduct allegedly exposed him to asbestos.  After a six-day trial, the jury found that Roverano was exposed to asbestos products manufactured, distributed or supplied by John Crane and Brand Insulation and that these products gave rise to his lung cancer. The jury awarded $6,439,265.14, including $5,189,265.14 for pain and suffering and $1.25 million for his wife’s loss of consortium.

Mechanic and Former Cigarette Smoker Receives $12.5 Million After Lung Cancer

On Oct. 28 a New York Jury awarded a former cigarette smoker and mechanic allegedly exposed to asbestos in forklift parts $12.5 million for his lung cancer.  George Cooney spent his career as a mechanic. Between 1969 and 1978, this work resulted in him changing or handling brakes, clutches and engine gaskets on Caterpillar Inc. forklift. Cooney was eventually diagnosed with lung cancer and died in September 2014.  Cooney’s estate conceded that the decedent smoked cigarettes and argued at trial that many studies show that asbestos exposure and cigarette smoking act in synergy to enhance the risk of lung cancer. On October 28, the jury found for the estate and awarded $12.5 million.

A Railroad Worker With Lung Cancer Is Awarded $1,443,810.53

In Illinois, Jane and Jacob Lilienthal filed a Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) suit in the McLean County Superior Court, claiming that Jake Lilienthal suffered exposure to asbestos. Jacob Lilienthal allegedly contracted lung cancer as a result. After his death, Jane Lilienthal continued the action. The decedent’s exposure allegedly came while he was employed by GM&O Railroad, a predecessor to Illinois Central Railroad Co. (ICRC). After a two-week trial, a jury held ICRC liable and awarded $1,443,810.53 on March 17. The jury found the decedent, a cigarette smoker, 40 percent liable for his injury.

US Navy Vet Diagnosed With Lung Cancer Gets $4.3 Million

Saipele Faiaipau’s spent thirty years as a rigger on many U.S. Navy and commercial ships. When doctors diagnosed Faiaipau with lung cancer, he believed that it was caused by the asbestos he was exposed to because he never smoked.  The case proceeded against J&H Marine Industrial & Engineering Co., which allegedly operated as a ship flooring company during the 1970s and 1980s. The family claimed that J&H operated under the name Willard Marine Decking Inc. and was responsible for asbestos-containing vinyl tiling to which Faiaipau was exposed while employed with Triple A Shipyard.  The jury found J&H 5 percent liable and awarded the family $4.3 million on Oct. 19.